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About Me


I grew up on a cluster of islands at the bottom of the earth, looking up in awe at the rest of the world like a precarious young sibling wanting to join in. Auckland, my home, has birdsong and wild black beaches and a youthful, yearning sort of personality. My studies were at the University of Auckland, where I graduated with a double major in English and Film.

Between 2014-2016 I was nomadic, living in Canada and Nepal and travelling everywhere else with my camera and as much openness as I can consistently muster. Recently I have set foot in Samoa, Australia, Iceland, France, Nepal, Cambodia and China. Now I’m based back at home, in New Zealand, but I’d love to split my time between North America and home.

These are the thoughts and accompanying visuals I have on our world at large and our microscopic, mundane day-to-days. On our need to adventure and our more vulnerable desires to stay. On our human condition and on our underlying search for meaning; which is what connects us all.

It’s probably pretty obvious that I love connecting with people, and the best way to connect would be through Instagram. Or, you can email me at jenny@otherworld.ly. I’m managed by savannah@wearetenzing.com if you would like to work with me. I look forward to meeting you!

Much love,


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