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Samoa—A Visual Essay on the Most Underrated Tropical Island

April 6, 2018.Jenny.0 Likes.0 Comments

I’d never been to a Pacific Island until Samoa. There’s a phenomenon where you don’t explore your own neighbourhood until you’ve been far and wide enough to appreciate it. Australians and New Zealanders who felt the winter blues particularly badly would often escape to (insert Pacific Island here) during our winter months; flights being only a few hours away. I’d always seen the islands as a honeymoon spot, but boy was I wrong with Samoa.

Unlike its glitzy sister Fiji, Samoa is still incredibly underdeveloped. With the exception of To Sua, the ocean trench made famous by Instagram, many of the natural destinations were pleasantly untouched. We were told by locals that there were plenty more hidden gems, which I can’t wait to go back and uncover.

Tourism Samoa sent us there to create some fresh new photos and videos for them, and we were their first ever social media influencers to be included on a press trip. Alongside us was a writer from New Zealand Herald and a writer collecting intel mostly about the accomodation. Eric, Louie and I felt very much like the new kids in school.

Thank you Tourism Samoa, for this opportunity that still feels surreal. They’re actually sending us back this June so we can create a more meaningful, spirituality-focused film there, because we only got two days of good weather last time. I can’t wait to show you what we have brewing for that project!

Samoa Logo Colour

The official video asset sold to Tourism Samoa.

Our vlog. Videos edited by Eric. All aerials captured by Louie.










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